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It's more than you owning a home. It's us owning everything to get you there!

These are not idle words. We believe in taking ownership in the tasks and responsibilities at hand. No matter how small…or how big. It is by this conviction we operate at TurnKey Mortgage Solutions.

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Us vs. Them

We’re a small real estate finance company in Campbell, CA, they’re a too-big-to-fail cartel of multinational banks

It’s the ultimate David vs. Goliath story of how one small company is making big changes in the industry.

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The Result

We don't care what you can qualify for, but rather, what you can afford!

Everyone foreclosed on, qualified (in one way or another) but not everyone could truly afford it. We are a advice based business focusing on transferring our knowledge to our clients so in return they can make the best choice for their financial future.

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"Words that describe TurnKey Mortgage - thorough, caring, and AWESOME!" - Laurie A.

"Closed both transactions before our COE date...awesome!" - Stacie S.

"Know all of the information whether it be good or bad news and answers questions with confidence." - Bill R.

"Answered all of my 1000 questions and had infinite knowledge, persistence and patience." - Edwin M.

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About TurnKey Mortgage Solutions

We are a small residential finance company located in Campbell, CA. We believe in no matter what we do to take ownership for it – for ourselves, our vendors and our clients. Because of this, we have grown exponentially. As we’ve grown, we’ve retained our small-company atmosphere where employees are encouraged to share ideas and make them realities. By partnering state-of-the-art technology and dedicated leadership with the best and brightest employees in the industry, TurnKey Mortgage Solutions fosters a culture of constant innovation and growth.